Sunday, September 13, 2009

Etsy One-of-a-Kind Show - Chicago

Well, I bit the bullet and submitted my entry for the OOAK show in Chicago, Dec 3-6, 2009. Etsy is offering discounted booth space for up to 25 new artists - those who have never done a OOAK show and also have 3 or less years experience in the business - see Etsy's call for artists and forum discussion. Since I have daughters living in Chicago, I can save on expenses by staying with them (assuming I get lucky and Etsy thinks my jewelry is good enough). One of the criteria is to submit a digital image of your booth setup. Since I have never done a large show before I didn't have one on hand. Spent all of this morning setup an 8ft table space.

I live in a townhome and really don't have a lot of bare space but I rigged up a table in my computer room but I had a problem with trying to eliminate
background junk. But while I was talking with a friend as my sounding board, we came up with a very good idea - tack up a plain bedsheet to the wall and drape it over the computer desk area. At the same time, a lightbulb went off in my head - why not place a piece foam board in front of the computer area and drape the sheet over all? That worked out really well - I didn't have to punch holes in the wall, too.

And this is the picture I submitted (after I cropped the top and re-touched the sheeting area to remove wrinkles and seams).

And my new banner was made by PromoPixie on Etsy. What do you think?

FYI - this photo is the before "re-touch" one.

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  1. Really great, especially for something you put together on such short notice!