Friday, February 11, 2011

Fabric Collection and Creations!

When I began quilting, I started with small pieces of fabrics -
fat quarters (18"x21") and fat eights (9"x21"),
not really know what I wanted to make
plus not having a lot of extra cash to spend on my new "hobby".

But as years went by and I became more expert in quilting,
I became a
Fabric-a-holic with a capital F!

I collected fabrics from different countries and,
of course, I couldn't just buy a small piece of found fabric,
I had to have at least a yard, more like 3 yards or more!

Yes, I made quilts for both of my daughters
and for myself;
quilts on walls, quilts on beds, and quilts hanging on bannisters.

I now have a new calling "metalsmithing"
and am now divesting of my remaining fabric collection.

So the question in my mind was - what to do with it?
What good are small amounts of fabric?
Are they worth keeping or should they be trashed?

That is what was in my mind when I started "cleaning house" early last year.

Small items come to mind that require tiny amounts of fabrics -
quilted table runners, ipod covers, tote bags, or retro fashions such as bathing suits.

I love it when past customers send me a note
to let me know how they used the fabric purchased.
Now I want to share several items made by a recent customer - LIONSART.
She makes beautiful fabric key fobs.

Here are 3 that she made from my fabrics -
I am happy that my fabric remnants are being put to good use:

Friday, February 4, 2011

Something Different!

I recently came across some very beautiful postage stamps from Japan - vintage circa "showa period" from 1926-1989.

Since paper doesn't play well with flames (no torches), slump glass tiles came to mind. This is completely outside my usual metal work jewelry but I wanted to preserve several of these as jewelry pieces. They are now listed in my Etsy jewelry shop as part of my Geisha series (a few have already been sold or spoken for).

So what do you think???

Rectangle Pendants

Square Pendants and Earrings