Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sharing my Finished Quilts

Besides creating handcrafted wire jewelry for my jewelry shop and now venturing into metalsmithing, I also do other handcrafts - knitting and quilting. I just wish there were hours in a day to do all the things I enjoy!

Here are a few photos of several of my finished quilts - several fabric remnants from these projects are in my new fabric stash shop.

This small pink and orange wall hanging, one of my first quilting projects (completed in 1994), is paper-pieced and hand quilted - uses mostly silky Japanese prints and Japanese yukata fabric. I love vibrant colors and soft, silky florals!

This large wall quilt (Cherry Blossom) in pink and olive green was my first attempt at machine quilting. It also was the only one I finished in under 6 months - probably due to a tight deadline to have it completed for a quilt show! Deadlines do wonders for productivity! It, too, uses mostly Japanese floral prints.

This large wall hanging is my pride and joy! It is Hawaiian quilting - all hand appliqued, hand pieced and hand quilted. Don't ask me how long this one took to complete!

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  1. Those are some beautiful quilts. My grandmother made me a collection of small stockings made from quilted Thai silks (scraps leftover from clothing making). I keep thinking of making more from my selection of batiks and silks...