Saturday, February 20, 2010

Beginning Metalsmith - Botched Work

This a follow-on to my earlier posting -

My result when I tried to solder a "pot metal" daisy spacer bead (which I thought was sterling) to a sterling piece! I was NOT a happy camper. Went to the art center today to see if I could create another earring just like the other one that was not yet finished.

After I prepared the sterling sheet to the right thickness and sawed the pattern, I found that I had gotten better with the saw so decided to go ahead and cut another one to match. I still wanted to get more character and depth to the flower - so began to cut a much smaller piece and started to think if it was worth it, it was such tiny detail and effort. I persevered and did the matching piece, stamped etchings, and domed all pieces.

My next challenge was to solder it all to a stud post - after several tries I managed to get the solder to flow through the drilled hole and stabilized the stud! Here are the results - 2 new earring studs! I think the inner section gives the overall flower a more organic look. What do you think?

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