Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Venue (to me) for Glass Bead Making!

Since I took my first class in lamp work glass bead making at William Holland, I wanted continue this art closer to home.  I discovered the NCSU Crafts Center at their recent Open House and was blown away with the facility - they had so many studios, pottery, lapidary, glass, photography, wood working, fiber!

One of the torches in the glass studio

Pottery studio

Fiber studio - floor looms

Lapidary studio

I was lucky to get a spot in the fall semester class since they open the classes to NCSU students first and then the public has a shot at any open slots.  Classes are small, usually 6 to 8 students per session.  I am now in the 6 week session for beginners - yes, I took a class earlier but wanted to get a different perspective from another instructor.  I am learning so much in addition to the actual making of glass beads, especially with glass types, torches, and kilns.

Here are a few of my finished bead sets.
Practicing swirls to create beach focal

Adding twistie stringers on base

Practice on dot control

More twisties with mutliple colors encased in clear glass

More practice with stringer control and swirls

It is SO great to have such fantastic venues available to practice your art!

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