Sunday, March 28, 2010

Photos - Hope Church Festival

Just a few shots of the Hope Church Spring Festival and several of the vendors from the Etsy NC Triangle Street team - ShoreDebris, EllesBeads, OldBroomStreet, NaomiEvelyn, ScentfullyDelightful

We had plenty of sunshine but had several "oh,no!" moments when gusts of wind almost upended several neighboring tents. I thought I was well prepared - had metal weights for the tent legs, 25-lb sandbags tied with bungee cords, marble filled bags to hold down the tent flaps, and heavier necklace displays (not cardboard). But did not take into account that the wind would still knock over my acrylic stands and the havoc the wind played with my string price tags - swung them around and got all tangled in the hanging pendants and necklaces - not a pretty picture. Ended up having to duct-tape the display stands to the tables, clip/tie tablecloth corners to the table legs, and snip off all the price tags.

Vicky of ShoreDebris - all things "beachy", jewelry and home decor made using items from the seashore - sea shells, sea glass..

EllesBeads, jewelry and eco-friendly crafts (funky and manshion items).

And myself, Linda Searcy Jewelry Designs, handmade wire jewelry.

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  1. Thanks for including a picture of my booth!