Saturday, September 4, 2010

Beach - Here I Come!

I think I am ready for a week at the beach... and the art walk in Wilmington! It's a gorgeous day unlike the near 100 degree yesterday!

--Etsy shop in vacation mode - check
--Petsitter service scheduled - check
--Vacation hold on newspaper and mail - check
--Jewelry inventoried and photographed - check

--And the car packed!

See my earlier posting on pre-pack notes and concern on it all fitting in. I even have some room for a last minute change - a friend will ride along for the weekend!

Completely forgot that I had the roof rack to stow away stuff! That luggage pack is no easy task to get situated on top of the car, especially when you are only 5 feet tall! You should have seen me standing on the door ledges (all the while mindful of not falling down - an acquaintance fell and injured his neck / collarbone when he was packing the roof rack on his SUV).

So this is the last post until I get back.

Hope you all have a wonderful long Labor Day weekend!

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