Monday, September 27, 2010

September DDM Show - Photos

This was my 3rd show with Designers Downtown Market and will be the last one for me this year. I wanted to share a few photos of this event.

And how my booth setups have evolved from the 1st DDM show. This was the first time I set up fabrics for sale - I had fabrics in plastic storage bins on a single 6' table. I saw that it was difficult for customers to really see what was available with all items folded tightly in those boxes!

So I invested in several grid walls, shelving and baskets from A & B Fixtures. I was able to spread items around where people could touch, feel and unfold pieces of fabric to see all the fabulous colors and patterns.

And my jewelry setup has changed, again! Before I used empty boxes as risers to create height. But I found that when nature's elements (gusty wind, specifically) made an appearance, my displays ended up on the ground. Not good for the jewelry!

Now, my displays have more weight, have a neater look (since I used some of my fabrics to cover the pads in the display trays), and is easier to pack and unpack (items are pinned in each tray, is covered in bubble wrap and stacked in a single box).

I was able to visit a few vendors near me -2 sisters, Elisabeth Ashlie Jewelry and Kate of CardsbyK8

Christy of Hoot Creations - handmade jewelry

Jennifer of Sweet JAM Designs - jewelry, sewing, paper crafts, and crochet

Ashlee of Hepcat Roux's - funky jewelry, pet tees, cards, and gifts


  1. Linda,it was great meeting you @ DDM. It was my first time there and was a great experience. Thanks for mentioning me in your blog!

  2. Jennifer - thanks for stopping by my blog - hope your sales were good and it looks like we all survived the HEAT!